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Welcome to the Network of Expertise – Supporting Teachers Practice for inclusion of students with learning disabilities and Down syndrome.

The Network of Expertise (NEX) provides support through sharing professional expertise, growing local networks, nurturing local leadership and developing professional pathways.

Confident Down syndrome kids

Supporting Teachers Practice for Inclusion


Supporting Teachers Practice

Network of Expertise Background

Network of Expertise (NEX) will further enhance the capacity and capability of educators. Support is available through the NEX to contribute to a system that learns. A key contribution of this network is the recognition of teaching and pathways to all opportunities to learn that optimise wellbeing and capability for children and young people with a disability.  

NEX membership is open to teachers and kaiako practising across Aotearoa, it is inclusive, and as a Network of Expertise organisation, we will actively aim to reach teachers and kaiako to grow collective expertise.

Benefits of belonging to NEX Supporting Teachers Practice:

  • Professional Development information

  • Resource Material

  • Peer to peer networks

  • Links to key web sites

  • The latest curriculum initiatives and documents

  • Access to online forum

Inclusive practise, learning disability and Down syndrome

The Network of Expertise contract director is Dr Maree Kirk.

The contract is delivered on behalf of BOPDSA Inc. 

The aim of NEX is to grow and strengthen a national network to provide support to teacher and kaiako through means such as online sessions, resource sharing, inquiry clusters and face-to-face collaboration opportunities.

For 2023

NEX STPDS offers wellbeing and capability programmes specifically designed to link the theory and practical application of developmental and educational approaches within the New Zealand school curriculum. 


Each PDL programme is designed in collaboration with teachers, learning support and whānau and offers practical support for the wellbeing of children and young people with a disability helping promote opportunities to learn within the curriculum, present the specific learning profile of students and promote social inclusion and participation.


The STPDS programme facilitates each regional programme network to draw on local skills, cultural strengths, and community groups to engage in the process of social inclusion, participation and inclusive education through the New Zealand Curriculum, extra curriculum through the option of year long programme.

PLD is run throughout the course of one year. 

Expressions of Interest received for 2023 are:

  • Wellbeing & Capabilities

  • Transition – Capability Transition Pathway Design

  • Learning Support Co Ordinator’s

  • Inclusive Literacy Design

  • Social Skills

  • IEP – the capability approach

To register your interest or to discuss the PLD opportunities for 2023 please contact Maree at

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